Sacred Song Reiki & Blue Moon Natural Living

Full Moon & New Moon Meditations

$20 in advance!

Reservations Required!





January 22, 2016 600pm

April 8, 2016 600pm

May 20, 2016 630pm

June 20, 2016 700pm

July 17, 2016 700pm

August 21, 2016 700pm

September 16, 630pm

October 16, 2016 630pm

Absorb the moon's energy; allow purification of body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Experience soothing Gongs & Himalayan Bowls

Studies have shown that sound can boost the immune system, decrease stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate and induce alpha and theta brainwave patterns.

Balance, heal, restore feeling of well-being, reduce pain, release tension and stress.

Have more peace, joy, confidence energy and clarity of thought!  

Join us at Blue Moon Natural Living!